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Software Developer (Part-time)

Job Type: Support

Job Description

Audocs, SDN BHD (Malaysia) is looking for a talented developer. With hands on database knowledge and deploying systems. Including applications development and publishing/server administration. C+ Programming language and compiler software and scripts a bonus. 
Candidate must be willing to experiment, have an open mind and not fixed on one or two solutions. Candidate can build the foundation, core, database and other moving parts of the SAAS.
Candidate must be able to intake data from the lead and turn around quick solutions in sprints. Candidate must be innovative and work on cutting edge approaches. Being a natural analytical mind is priority. Past work showcases complex problems resolved by simplifying solutions.
  • Minor Wireframing, prototyping, and launching server based walk-thru’s in hours to days
  • Core, back end development and R&D
  • Functioning frontend solutions
  • Install user and tools that complement Audocs workflow. Must communicate, interaction and function online
  • Working engineering or developer experience in a team environment (3-6 months min.) 
  • Be creative in new approaches
  • Willing to create with lead an original and functional Audocs style guide
  • Willing to take the lead or inherit CTO position
Required Skills/Characteristics
  • 7+ years experience developing and launching projects
  • Some basic hardcode experience. Able to read, write and build a basic website with only HTML, CSS and JAVA.
  • Some focus for web & mobile growth of system.
  • Willingness to move fast and iterate along the way
  • Experience using A/B testing and analytics data to inform your design decisions
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a strong business and product acumen
  • Basic understanding of engineering principles and processes
  • Clear and effective communication skills
  • The ability to adapt and learn
  • A portfolio of work that demonstrates a strong eye for design and clean solutions
  • Up to date tools for development. Including any software and technologies needed to complete the job
  • Demonstrable your ability in meteor, in hours.
  • Contact for Sprints (Introductory offer)
  • Permanent Hire Considerations
Other Details
  • Prepare for ICT Status
  • Reliable
  • Work Remote
  • Building Systems from Scratch